About Manoj Sharma

An Interview specialist and English pedagogue. Author of 4 books.

  • Mphil in English
  • MBA(IMT,Ghaziabad)Marketing
  • MBA(HR)Symbiosis,Pune

An Interview specialist and English pedagogue. Author of 4 books. Manoj K. Sharma (Interview Specialist) has started his career after successfully completing Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A) from DEVI AHILYA VISHWAVIDHYALAYA, Indore (M.P) in 2000. He worked in pharmaceuticals till 2007. During his working he completed his 1st M.B.A from I.M.T Ghaziabad (Delhi) in MARKETING with first division & 2nd M.B.A from SYMBIOSIS (Pune) in HRM with A grade. He has a keen interest in learning English. He did his M.A. & M.Phil in ENGLISH with excellent grading. He made teaching as his passion. In 2002, he started his part-time coaching Institute (while doing his job in pharmaceutical company) with a small round table & only with five chairs out of which one was his own. 

Today, this institute 7th day PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT CLASSES (PD CLASSES) is proud enough to produce thousands of Engineers, MBA, Teachers, Managers, S.I., Lieutenant, Doctors, Models, Fashion Designers, Air Hostess, Trainers, Bank Employees, C.A, Medical Representatives, Army Doctors, etc who are working all across India. His You tube channel ‘PD Classes’ has today almost seven lakh subscribers.

He is also a visiting & guest faculty of most of the Government & Private colleges/organisations/schools/etc. His Online as well as Offline courses are beneficial for students all over India and abroad.

Manoj K. Sharma has also earned a good reputation as an AUTHOR for his previous book ‘M.R. INTERVIEW’ in 2008. He launched his second book ‘Universal Interview & Group Discussion’ in 2012 at Jaipur Arya college. He launched his third book ‘70 ways of Spoken English’ in 2015. He launched his fourth book ‘God father of English Grammar’ in 2020.

In a manner to assert some verses of his true personality, Manoj K. Sharma is a Gentleman of boundless knowledge in his subject, round the clock dutiful, smiling look & really a career maker and a tireless coach, to the top he is indeed a versatile Genius-cum-Faculty.

Spoken English – What are the methods to improve Spoken English?

To improve Spoken English – talk to yourself, focus more on fluency than grammar, think in English, speak & record your voice, practice tongue twisters, read good books etc.

How to enhance Spoken English skills?
A few basic tips to enhance your Spoken English skills include; speaking regularly, improving grammar, listening and reading every day, recording your voice to analyse fluency etc.

Why should I take online Spoken English classes?
Online Spoken English classes are helpful as they enhance your listening and speaking skills. Also, they are cost-effective and convenient.

Reasons to Join Spoken English Classes
English is one of the most influential languages in the world. It helps communicate people across the globe and makes the lives of people convenient. To learn this language is crucial for individuals in this world to grow professionally and personally. To know more, explore the below reasons to learn the English language.

Universal Language: Roughly 335 million native speakers and over 400 million people indeed speak as a second language. It is estimated that there are approximately I.5 billion English speakers in the world.

Business Language: English is the dominant language in the world of business. Thus it is noted as the world’s business language. It is, in fact, a mandatory language for almost all multinational companies.

Internet Language: The world is going digital, and almost 55 percent of the world’s WWW is composed in English. One can say that it is the language of the computer.

Travel Language: To know how to speak English can improve your travel experience. English is one language that needs to learn to travel the world.
Interesting Language: Beginners often find it challenging to learn English. Yet, this language is an interesting one with many fascinating universal facts. For example: “E”, “S” and “A” is the most used alphabet in the English word, “I” is the oldest alphabet, and so on.
English may not be your first language. Yet, it is the bridge language, and it is spoken across the globe.

Best Spoken English Classes Online
Take proper guidance from English teachers to speed up your English learning procedure. Nowadays, skilled English tutors provide step-by-step English lessons – English grammar, English communication skills, business English, writing skills and more.
A large number of students are taking Spoken English Online Classes these days. Are you one amongst those individuals who are comfortable taking online courses? If so, then there are several English speaking courses online. Wait no more! Find the best online trainer that suits your requirements and boost your English vocabulary and English language skills.