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How to crack Armed Medical Corps Interview ?



AMC - Watch this video


In AMC Interview they ask Introduction , Interview professional questions , personal questions of your life , Medical portion.

Body Language palys a vital role in AMC as well as CAPF Interviews.

55% - Body Language

38% - Tone

7% - Words


Amc doctor interview - best videos

Interview tips :-

1. Be Honest.

2. Don’t Bluff to assesors, the thing which you don’t know just say ‘SORRY’ for that.

3. Do self introspection of yours.

4. Prepare Current affairs.

5. Have basic idea about relationship with our friendly nations

6. Prepare the history of Army medicals corps.

7. Past, Present and Future advancement and use of technology in INDIAN ARMY.

8. Be Confident





Aspirants must have good communication skills with knowledge. many of our students have gone for AMC Interviews 

army medical corps interview 2023 

Amc interviews


Amc interview questions


army medical corps interview 2023


How to pass ARMED MEDICALCORPS interview in 7 days preparations


and cracked. The only reason behind this is their confidence

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