Medical Representative course is specially designed for all graduates (BA , BCOM , BSC , BBA , B pharmacy , etc) , D pharmacy , MBA , etc. We make you perfect in Spoken English & Personality Development. Other than this PD complete course you’ll also gain complete body systems knowledge. You will study with us about complete pharmacy.

You can become perfect (MR vs Manager) by watching our videos on daily basis –

This course is best for graduates who want to earn lots of money for their family.

Personality Development is the improvement of behavior, communication skills, interpersonal relationships, attitude towards life and ethics. Character can be considered the basic factor in determining and individual’s personality. There are several psychologists who say that improving character and behavior alone will largely influence one’s personality. It is a fact that all other factors behind a powerful personality will become useless if the person lacks a good character and behavior.

Personality is like a building. Just as a building can exist only when it has a strong foundation, a personality can impress others only when it has a formidable basis. And the strong foundation is supplied by character and behavior. If personality is developed on the solid base of values and ethics, it will last forever. Fake smiles and mannerisms may attract others for a comparatively short period. However they are shot-lived and do not help in improving one’s personality.

Good behavior and co-operation makes a man popular. As a result the possibilities of his progress and success are much more. Different people have different opinions about what makes a man’s personality complete.

Interview Techniques by PD CLASSES
– Preliminaries of an Interview
– Writing CV or Résumé
– Mock Sessions
– Effective self introduction
– Reasons of rejection

Body language is a very powerful tool. We had body language before we had speech, and apparently, 80% of what you understand in a conversation is read through the body, not the words.
Body language is the process of communicating nonverbally through body movements and gestures. Positive body language is these nonverbal movements and gestures that are communicating interest, enthusiasm, and positive reactions to what some else is saying.

Personality is our typically pattern of thinking, feeling, acting, and communicating. It’s what you do consistently across the board. Aaron Marino of alpha m. wants you to think of someone who you think has a magnetic personality.
What about their personality makes someone have a ‘good personality’?
It’s hard to nail down because there are so many aspects of a personality. Alpha M. has broken down personality into traits which each can be improved to improve personality overall.

1. Be a better listener – engage, put phone down, make eye contact

2. Become more interesting – engaging and actively seeking out education and information

3. Practice and adopt a more optimistic outlook on life – talk about positive things and look at things differently

4. Be encouraging and supportive to others – people raise you up with positive energy

5. Have integrity and treat people with respect

6. Don’t talk about people, make fun of other people, and gossip

7. Don’t be afraid to be yourself

8. Have the ability to laugh at yourself

9. Do things that you need to do daily to facilitate your confidence – if you like what you see looking back in the mirror and know you bring value to the world, this confidence will transition to everything in your life.

English is useful because:
A. You can talk to lots of new people.
B. You can use English when you are travelling.
C. You can understand films and TV shows.
D. You can understand pop songs.
E. It helps you to get a good job.
F. You need it if you want to study at university.
G. People do business in English all over the world.
H. You can understand more about the world if you can read English and American magazines and newspapers.
I. It’s the International language for most people.
J. You can read English literature in the original language.

Now it’s your turn to share your views about the importance of ENGLISH in your LIFE.

One interesting news for my readers – I myself started my career as Medical Representative in the year 2000. Love u lot.

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